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What's On In AndoverA little information about us, Welcome to Newc4u.com, to meet people, eat, drink and find the best entertainment in and around Andover from pubs, clubs, restaurants and shops, just look at the blogs and speak to people on the site. Add your business and you have started to blog, this is a guaranteed way to help your business online presence. But small business owners are too busy to blog! Should they hire someone to blog for them? There are tons of tips and tricks to come up with ideas, engage your customers, and do it without killing yourself in the time that it takes. A good blog post is about 500 words. In analogue terms, that’s one page, double-spaced type. And a good blog post is helpful in that it answers the customer’s question. Can a business owner write one 500-word essay every other week that answers a customer’s question? That doesn’t seem too hard. Every other week is frequent enough to have an impact? Every two weeks is a good place to start. If you could work your way up to once a week that would be even better, but if you could just start out with a goal to commit to putting something new out there every other week, you’re blogging. Information form Yahoo And that frequency will impact your appearance in search? It depends how active your competition is whether that impacts search. If you’re the only one in your space creating original content, that would be enough. Many small businesses aren’t creating content. Creating original content on a blog is a lot more powerful than simply doing a Tweet or a Facebook post because Google isn’t even going to see those. Your tweets are going to be a lot better if they refer back to original content you created on your blog. That’s why I think blogging is really the heart of this. There are three primary sources of what I call rich content: blogging, podcasts, and video. For small businesses, blogging is the easiest and most accessible and likely to give you the best results. Information from Yahoo

Advertise With What’s On In Andover If you are a pub, club, restaurant, shop, cleaner, park, association, play group, DJ, musician, party planner, singer or any other entertainment group or business I haven’t listed then drop me a line at admin@newc4u.com and we will list you and link you to the website for a small charge, have a look at the businesses that have enjoyed the What’s On In Andover, Newc4u.com business linking group. Foxcotte Vets – Chapple Scaffolding – Southampton Arms Andover – Andover Roofing Cladding & Maintenance Just Google these businesses and see the advantages of linking your business to What’s On In Andover, Newc4u.com Give us a call and have a chat – 07766946331