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About Us

When Bill was training as a Bushcraft Instructor, he was asked by his daughter to have a bushcraft themed birthday party. The success of this birthday party paved the way for an idea and in 2014 Bitesize Bushcraft was born.

Since January the company has grown so fast, far beyond anyone’s initial thoughts. We can now be proud that we have become an accredited training/educational provider for Hampshire County Council.

We have worked on a regular basis with main stream primary schools in the local area, a variety of Montessori Schools across Hampshire and have successfully provided training to a number of disadvantaged children. We have also been fortunate to have provided team building for a number of corporate companies.

We have provided training for the National Citizen Scheme, a government funded initiative for 16 and 17 year olds, to take part in social action projects and build skills for work and life.

Bitesize Bushcraft is dedicated to enriching the lives of every individual we encounter, regardless of age, providing specialist outdoor educational adventurous activities. We will teach you fantastic new skills and give you a good foundation of knowledge that you can build upon, whilst maintaining integrity and trust, self development and respect for the environment and above all FUN. 


From climbing trees and grazing his knees, Bill has always enjoyed the outdoors. After years of being a soldier, he has taken a new route with a passion of being outside.

From canoeing, pretending to be Robin Hood and putting his heart and soul into learning more to what the woods can offer. As a qualified NCFE LEVEL 4 Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living Instructor, he will show you and your friends an educational, interesting and fun filled day 


Svenja spent her childhood enjoy the countryside and getting lost in the woods. With over ten year’s experience working with under fives it was time for a new challenge. With a passion for the great outdoors Svenja pursued and achieved her Bushcraft Level 2 NCFE IIQ Accredited Course. Svenja is adequately suited to bringing the taste of the wild into any environment. She has a great knowledge and is happy to share. 

Bitesize Bushcraft is very proud to have our very own Pocahontas. 

1 Day Courses

Fire, Foraging & Fishing

You’ll never look at the woods in the same way again once you have been on this course we will show you Edible, Medicinal and Poisonous plants as well as some tree identification and uses.  You will be taken round the woods and fields and collect your food.  Light a fire, using a variety of methods from modern day equipment, going all the way back in time to friction fire.

Then you will be taken through process of game preparation culminating on you making your own fire and cooking a light meal before heading home.

Wood Carving and Traps and Snares

This one day course covers a complete range of knife, folding saw, safety and cutting techniques.

You will be taken around the woods and shown an array of different traps and snares, covering the law and then after collecting the materials you need, you’ll be able to make the following items of your choice:

  • Mallets
  • Pegs
  • Spoons
  • Pot hangers
  • Traps and Snares.

Deer and Archery Course

Ever wondered if you could shoot like Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen, well let’s find out.

This is a fun filled day and great way to enjoy both archery and the woods. We will start the day by getting familiarised with the equipment and trying your hand at archery, shooting the bow and learning the basics of bow shooting, with a little bit of archery history thrown in for good measure.

At lunch you will prepare a deer: from skinning to butchery. Then you we will be cooking all the best cuts and enjoying lunch around the fire.

After lunch it’s back into archery. The focus for the afternoon session is on a little more coaching, the aim of which is to get a better grouping of arrows and to increase accuracy and consistently, will be surprised how far you have come.

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