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Saxon Designs Top Tips for Buying or Designing a New Kitchen

Saxon Designs is a well established Andover company specialising in custom designed kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and natural stone flooring. Offering a range of services from a fully managed installation by their own experienced installers to supply only, for you to fit yourself.

Saxon Designs have put together these top tips to help you design your new kitchen!

Tip number 1

“Your input is vital if you are to get the best kitchen design for your needs”

Make a wish list and don’t be afraid to suggest things to your designer Things to consider for your wish list include: – types of appliances, sink size, taps (standard or perhaps filter or boiling water ones), finishes – doors, worktops, walls etc. Storage requirements, eating or organizing the kids homework in the kitchen to mention a few.

Tip number 2

“Good lighting is crucial”

Lighting needs to be looked at closely as it will make a big difference to the usability of your new kitchen For example, lighting in the centre of the room only will cause shadows on your work surface. Better to go with a combination of ceiling down lighters, under and on top of wall cabinet lights.

Tip number 3

“When comparing the cost of individual items in a kitchen (e.g. worktops) always look at the cost over the lifetime of the item”

For example a granite top costing £3000 that lasts 25 years (or until the kitchen is next changed) is equivalent to £120 per year. An oven that costs £500 that needs to be replaced after 3 years costs £165 per year. Also remember that a high price tag does not necessarily mean high quality.

Tip number 4

“Use independent specialists for un-bias advice”

Remember that most sales people only want to sell the items that they can supply – better if you can find an independent specialist that can give advice on a wide range of items.

Tip number 5

“Leave nothing to chance”

Its far better to spend more time fully investigating the options open to you that finding yourself bemoaning what you should have done when it’s to late or costly to change things.

If you would like more information or advice, feel free to call on 01264 773333 or visit their websitewww.saxondesigns.co.uk or pop into our Weyhill showroom for a chat.

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