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Saxon Designs Explain the Most Common Errors When Buying A New Kitchen

Saxon Designs is a well established Andover company specialising in custom designed kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and natural stone flooring. Offering a range of services from a fully managed installation by their own experienced installers to supply only, for you to fit yourself.

Saxon Designs have put together a list of buying mistakes when purchasing a new kitchen!

Buying mistake number 1

“Your builder will get you a better deal” So you have done your homework and have arrived at a design that you are happy with and are ready to place the order. Your builder get involved and assures you that he can get you a better deal. This is fine as long as he uses the company that you are happy with.

Most builders have a preferred supplier that will give them a better discount or kickback. Pushing you into using their supplier or carpenter to fit the units is definitely in their interest and not necessarily in yours. Using a general carpenter saves money but can cost you dearly in final quality of finish.

Builders are also fond of claiming a lot more knowledge than they actually have. As they already have your confidence (you have contracted them after all so you trust them) you will tend to believe what they tell you. Don’t be afraid to question their suggestions. Avoiding a bit of confrontation with your builder will not help you get the kitchen you deserve. Remember builders are in it to make money and their interests will come first.

Do not let your builder intimidate you into compromising on the kitchen design or finish that you have chosen for the sake of a few pounds. This is the most common regret that we come across.

Buying mistake number 2

“Don’t be fooled by sale prices (tomorrow the price goes up)”

The sale prices that are on offer from the large sheds are an ongoing thing! (A bit like DFS) “Sale” prices are the normal prices and are often used to push you into a hasty decision. – breaks between sales are normally not much more that a few weeks – wait for the next one or go to a smaller independent kitchen suppliers that will be far more flexible on price. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the package cost from a small bespoke supplier is often better that the one offered by the large sheds.

Buying mistake number 3

“DIY will save you money”

This is true but only if you have the necessary skills to do it yourself. If you have the time you could buy a DIY kitchen and then co-ordinate the subcontract trades (plumber, painter, plasterer, kitchen fitter, electrician, etc). This should save some money but will cost you time.

The majority of these buying mistakes, can be avoided if you take time to step back from the buying situation and not get rushed into decisions.

If you would like more information or advice, feel free to call on 01264 773333 or visit their websitewww.saxondesigns.co.uk or pop into our Weyhill showroom for a chat.

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