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Walkabout Mobile Vet

Walkabout Mobile Vet, I have been a veterinary surgeon for more than 22 years. During these years I have been fortunate enough to have worked closely with a number of species including whales, seals, reptiles and zoo animals.

As much as I have enjoyed working closely with these animals/species, I find the most rewarding moments come from ensuring the health and well being of domestic pets of owners I have met over the years. Every day I see how amazingly strong the bond is between pets and their owners and this is why I am offering this service, Walkabout Vet, to make it easy as possible for you, as a pet owner, to get veterinary care to your door. I have developed a solid knowledge in multiple species and multiple disciplines. I am happy and interested to treat not only dogs and cats but all companion pets with a particular interest in fish.

However even though I have enjoyed every moment with these species I find the most rewarding moments come from doing my bit to ensure the health and well-being of the pets of owners who I have met over my many years as a vet. Every day I see how strong the bond there is between the pets and their owners and I am reminded at every turn when I see my own children play with our pets.

I received my Veterinary Science degree in Sydney, Australia and have just completed 2 years of a Masters in Veterinary Conservation Medicine. I worked in Australia at some excellent practices until the last 4 years. People often ask me “what the work was like there, compared to here”. I reply that mostly there was less difference than one might think, if you take away the multiple poisonous and often deadly creatures.


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