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Kingman Traditional Butchers

Kingman Traditional Butchers, your local butcher is the place to buy good quality meat and dairy whilst supporting local farmers and producers. Amesbury has Kingman Traditional Butchers to shop at and we always encourage people to support local independent businesses like them.

Kingman’s Traditional Butchers a little information about us, Butchery is a traditional line of work. Butchery involves boning and trimming cuts in preparation for sale. Historically, primary and secondary butchery were performed in the same establishment, but the advent of methods of preservation and low cost transportation has largely separated them. Now we don’t deal with primary butchery on the premises but as a traditional butcher we cover all of the traditional tasks that a butcher will complete to present you the customer with the finest quality prepare meat that you can buy.

Once a side or quarter has been selected, the butcher then prepares the meat and portions into its primary cuts. This is probably the most dangerous part of the job, and their equipment reflects this.

A butcher may also have the job of making sausage. Traditionally, sausage was intended as a vessel for using the parts over after making the primary cuts. The leavings were mixed with salt and other spices, and put into natural casings. Modern sausage may use leavings, but it may also use actual minced cuts of meat. Different casings are also used, and there are a wide range of styles and spices that it can be made out of. For this reason, sausage making is no longer just an easy side job, and someone who makes sausage is often a specialist.

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