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Kingman Traditional Butchers

Kingman Traditional Butchers your local butcher is the place to buy good quality meat and dairy whilst supporting local farmers and producers. Amesbury has Kingman Traditional Butchers to shop at and we always encourage people to support local independent businesses like them.

Kingman’s Traditional Butchers a little information about us, Butchery is a traditional line of work. In the industrialised world, slaughterhouses use butchers to slaughter the animals, performing one or a few of the steps repeatedly as specialists on a semi-automated disassembly line. The steps include stunning, exsanguination, skinning or scalding and de haring, evisceration and splitting.

After the carcasses are chilled, primary butchery consists of selecting carcasses, sides, or quarters from which primal cuts can be produced with the minimum of wastage; separating the primal cuts from the carcass; trimming primal cuts and preparing them for secondary butchery or sale and storing cut meats. Secondary butchery involves boning and trimming primal cuts in preparation for sale. Historically, primary and secondary butchery were performed in the same establishment, but the advent of methods of preservation and low cost transportation has largely separated them. Now we don’t slaughter on the premises but as a traditional butcher we cover all of the traditional tasks that a butcher will complete to present you the customer with the finest quality prepare meat that you can buy.

There are many different joints and cuts of meat but if you would like a joint of meat prepared in a particular way then we will be more than happy to accommodate your requests.

Along with the meat we also have a superb range of hampers ready for you to take away or be delivered to your door so that you don’t have to venture out, let us save you the time and inconvenience of coming to us and simply choose from our range or call us and discuss your particular requirements which we will be happy to put together for you.

Simply follow the link below, choose your hamper from our hamper list and if required make any changes that you wish to your chosen hamper and then sit back and await your delivery.

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