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Andover Turf Company

Andover Turf Company is a family business which has provided quality product with optimum customer satisfaction for over 25years. In house experts can answer questions and assess individual site situation to ensure the ideal turf is provided to suit each need. The team of dedicated individuals work within a friendly environment where customer satisfaction is key.

Andover Turf Company was founded in 1968 and has been under current ownership since 1981. The company supplies a wide variety of customers and projects, including national builders, local authorities, professional landscapers and private individuals, many of whom are repeat customers. The companies’ greatest advertisement is the recommendations of former and existing customers to their neighbours and friends. In March 2000 we delivered our 5 millionth square metre of turf since spring 1981.
At Andover Turf we cultivate our own turf called Budgetlawn, which is used for general landscape areas, lawns, play areas and any situation where economically priced ground covering of instant grass is required.

As an addition we also fulfil a distributor function for Inturf in central England and this allows the supply of a choice of specialist turf produced on sandy soils, grass mixes specifically grown to a high standard for every possible situation and type of surface from golf greens, sports pitches and prestige landscaping. We have a fact sheet available to customers to highlight key points in preparing and caring for a lawn which can be posted on request.

All grades of turf can be supplied and delivered for self laying, or we can arrange for full site preparation, supply and laying of the turf as a full service. Each project is costed and a definitive price given and agreed before work commences.


Usually we can deliver within days of an order and pride ourselves that we are flexible and well equipped enough to cope with any request. We deliver across Central Southern England from London to Bristol and Chichester to Exeter, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. Small amounts can also be collected from the yard at Grateley.

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