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Foxcotte Vets, Andover

Foxcotte Vets, Andover

In April 1986, Alan Woods purchased Foxcotte Vets, the surgery in Charlton, Andover which he initially ran as a single man practice. The business grew with the acquisition of the Ludgershall practice in August 1987 and the Whitchurch branch was opened in January 1993.

Over the years since then, Foxcotte Veterinary Group has grown to become a busy 8 vet small animal practice with Charlton still as the main surgery and Alan at the helm.

Eight reasons to choose The Foxcotte Vets.

Foxcotte Vets Compassionate veterinary care for you and your pet. What every veterinary practice wants to give you. We just want to do it better.

Foxcotte Vets Providing a dedicated emergency service. We work in close collaboration with Vets Now who run a comprehensive local emergency service with resident vets and nurses ready onsite to look after your pet out of hours. This service provides the highest standards of total care.

Foxcotte Vets has Well trained reception staff. Nurses or laboratory staff receive specific training for their job. But Foxcotte also has a structured training course for all the reception staff who join us. After all they are the first people you meet. We pride ourselves on good and efficient customer service.

Foxcotte Vets Sophisticated modern equipment and clinical techniques. Visit our clinics and you will appreciate the level of investment that has gone into providing the highest standards of technology and equipment. This in itself gives you peace of mind.

Foxcotte Vets gives a Clear explanation of costs and treatment options. We offer you the level of service you want. There is only one level, and that is first class!. What we do, is explain what the problem is, what can be done about it and how much that will cost. You then have to make a choice of what you want for your pet.

Foxcotte Vets LogoAn in-house laboratory facility with external quality controls. If your pet has a major problem, fast results from laboratory tests can make the difference between life and death. Our staff run our clinic laboratory. They are on-call to help veterinary surgeons at any time. Rigorous quality controls are done to ensure the results we get are reliable and accurate.

Extensive hospitalisation facilities. Dedicated wards are available for your pets at the clinic. A vet and nurse manage the in-patients when hospitalised with us to provide continuous and appropriate care.

Our Style We try to be professional but informal, we use first names and like to build a long-term relationship with our clients and their pets. We enjoy our work and are proud of the standards that Foxcotte has set in Wiltshire and Hampshire. We look forward to helping you and your pet through health and sickness.

Contact Us !   Andover          Telephone: 01264 358808   15 Foxcotte Road • Andover •  Hampshire •.

Ludgershall      Telephone: 01264 790609   The Old Surgery • St James Street • Ludgershall •  Wiltshire •.

Whitchurch      Telephone: 01256 892067   The Veterinary Surgery • 33 Winchester Street • Whitchurch •  Hampshire •.

Emergency calls:  Please ring the surgery number, you will be connected to the emergency vet straight away!

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